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[The manufacturing industry wel]
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The manufacturing industry welcomes heavy policies again!

The bigger problem in the manufacturing industry lies in the support of technological innovation and the support of private small and medium-sized enterprises. It is recommended to introduce policy documents that encourage the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of manufacturing enterprises, and promote the high-level large-scale creation and effective application of scientific and technological achievements.

In addition, in view of my country's current financial system dominated by indirect financing, banking financial institutions should be further encouraged and supported to build a product system that meets the financing needs of technology-based manufacturing enterprises, such as intellectual property pledge financing.

SUMMIT Electric and Aitech Electronics are both subsidiary companies of Yuding Group. They are an international sensor manufacturer and provide professional sensor solutions. We have many partners all over the world. In the past decades, SUMMIT Electric has an outstanding reputation all over the world and has been providing high-quality sensor products for the engineering and process automation industries for a long time.

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