Photoelectric and weighing sensor,The weight limit,Wire rope tension measurement system,Phase sequence protection relay,

ANT Electronic & SUMMIT Electric are subsidiaries of UTING Group, is an internationally leading manufacturer of sensors and sensor solutions. We have many cooperative companies all over the world In the course of past decades, SUMMIT has acquired a reputation for itself as a renowned leading brand of top-quality sensor products for factory and process automation. SUMMIT banks on 20 years of expertise. Trusted partnerships experienced with leading manufacturer provide solid foundations for SUMMIT's pioneering innovation and ingenuity.

SUMMIT products are widely used in many applications in the elevator and lifting industry. In process control, a wide variety of instruments are offered for measuring pressure and tension. Measuring, positioning,  object identification or detection and motion control tasks are precisely mastered by the dependable and uncompromising performance of SUMMIT sensors and measuring instruments.

SUMMIT ensures safety and quality at all steps of elevator and lifting. Long-standing expertise, all-encompassing technology competencies, profound consulting and support by qualified experts as a highly appreciated customer service---SUMMIT is the partner you can rely on standard and customized sensor solutions in the elevator and lifting machinery industry.


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